Sunday, May 06, 2007

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Sometimes I'm very scared
of the state in the world and how
it will affect my children and grandchildren.
Sometimes I'm so happy to be living just at this moment.
Once in awhile I feel like hiding for everybody.
Give me a book and I'll dream me a river.
I'm very open sometimes
but my inner self
I hide.

Background paper - Midnight moon by Sausan
Frame - Altered artistry by Sausan
Cardboard - Floralia by Sausan
Leaf - Almost autumn by Sausan
Scribblers - Maya
Quirky imagination by Maya
Quirky existence by Maya
Latin words - Quirktionary 3 by Michelle
Flowers - Whispers by Doris
Flowers - Pressed flowers by Sausan
Arrow - Foiled by Doris

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