Sunday, September 02, 2007

Through your eyes

There's a new shop at SBG and they're having a contest with one of their templates and it's an awesome template:-)
Template by ONdesign from their blog
Several elements from ONdesign Kit no 5
Date element - ONdesign Calender
Background and texture - Meredith Lucky Seven Retro
Red flower - Jessica Home life
Brown button - Jessica In memory of Miles
Stitches - Jessica Spotential
Cardboard - Linda GB ScrapArtist

I'd so much fun using the template and since I'm sick at the moment it was nice to do something else than laying on the sofa and looking on the TV all the time:-)

Sunday, August 19, 2007

New templates at my store!

Finally a new set with templates! I think they've a kind of summer theme but of course they'll work for everything. I hope you like them. You can find them at my site. In the last template I've used stitches too but it does not show that great in the preview. Now I need to get out and fix my garden before I get back to work tomorrow. First day after my vacation! Only a year to next summer LOL

Friday, August 17, 2007

August freebie!

I got in the mood by the London layout and though that you maybe need a template for a vacation layout. Click here to start your download, the file include PSD, png and tiff's. Please leave some love if you download it. Have fun!

London 2007

Catharina and her dad spent a week in London this summer and it was during the time with the bombs so I was biting my nails at home and ended up with a huge phonebill! At least they had fun:-)

Template - Gotta scrap now by Janet
Paper, alpha and texture - Big girls panties by Sausan and Trish
Stitches - Doodles borders by Sausan
Everything above at SBG
Cardboard by Linda GB at ScrapArtist

Thursday, August 16, 2007

4 Cats

I'm on a roll today:-))) Check out the contest at Traci Reed for a free template and when you're there sign up for her newsletter. You'll get goodies!

Most is from Traci Reed's Reckless kit but background on the big pic is from Strappy Sandals by Traci Reed and the orange plaque is from her Boy Theory kit.
Font CAC Pinafore

Growing Up

You've to get the new huge kit from the designers at SBG
Anything on the layout is from there.

Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Many faces.....

I had this layout in my head for such a long time so when I got some time to make it was just how I imagined it. My baby is so goofy:-)))

My Specialty Set No. 1 by Meredith
Covered Stamp Sheets by Meredith
Spontential by Jessica
Bohemian peddler by Jessica
All above at SBG
Cardboards by Linda GB at ScrapArtist

My Girl!

My gorgeous girl who always make me smile even if she's on her way to her teens LOLCredits:
Background - Urban art mods 1 by Sausan
Lace - Elements all stars by Sausan
Frame - Elements all stars vintage paper polas by Sausan
Swirls - Old print swirls and words by Sausan
Heart and flower - Urban Vintage by Traci Reed
All above at SBG
Cardboard by LindaGB from ScrapArtist

Saturday, May 19, 2007

Week 3

Savannah-Sophisticate Backgrounds by Carrie
Vivacious-Swirl by Carrie
Vivacious-Stitched flames by Carrie
Vivacious-Cross stitch by Carrie
Sparkle-flowers-Peach flower by Carrie
Template-April fools surprise by Janet
Legible Note Cards-Note card overlay by Meredith
Midnightmoon-Background by Sausan
Alteredartistry pressedflowers 5-white flower by Sausan
All stars altered twill and lace-lace by Sausan
Ornamental no1-Ornamental by Sausan
Grungecity solids-texture by Michelle

Everything from SBG.

Sunday, May 06, 2007

Vote for me at Queen at the crop!

Sometimes I'm very scared
of the state in the world and how
it will affect my children and grandchildren.
Sometimes I'm so happy to be living just at this moment.
Once in awhile I feel like hiding for everybody.
Give me a book and I'll dream me a river.
I'm very open sometimes
but my inner self
I hide.

Background paper - Midnight moon by Sausan
Frame - Altered artistry by Sausan
Cardboard - Floralia by Sausan
Leaf - Almost autumn by Sausan
Scribblers - Maya
Quirky imagination by Maya
Quirky existence by Maya
Latin words - Quirktionary 3 by Michelle
Flowers - Whispers by Doris
Flowers - Pressed flowers by Sausan
Arrow - Foiled by Doris

Saturday, April 07, 2007

New templates at my store!

They're with a kind of spring theme:-) You can find them here. I hope I'll have more time now when I'm almost finished in my new house. There're still boxes to un-pack but it looks better for every week. New furnitures will arrive on Tuesday and finally we will have two couches so we both can lay down when we're looking on a movie LOL

New freebie template!

The files are in both PSD and PNG. If you download please leave a comment:-)

Friday, March 30, 2007


I couldn't resist Sylvie's contest for silly layouts:-))) This's one of my cats, Belle and she love to get in to the bread basket. She looks so silly but still cute LOL
Everything by Sausan.

Background - Funky Funky
Paisley ornament - Paisley Doodles
Alpha - Sing Spring
Ornamental - Ornamental no5
Heart - Schnippschnapp kidoki
Glitterswirl - Happy New Year freebie
Flower - Schnippschnapp flowers
Crown - Oh tannenbaum crowns

Saturday, March 17, 2007

Birthday 2005

This's for the StudioStart Challenge at SBG called Can we build it.
Template - LaunchPads by Bree
Background - Willow by Carrie
Blue background - Marrakech by Sausan
Green background 2 - Clematis by Debbie
Green background 3 - Fly Away With Me by Traci
Staples - Fly Away With Me by Traci
Tags, beads and ribbons - Groupies II and IV by Doris
Wordart - Cherished Moments by Doris
Tags - DreamWords by Doris
Cardboard - PersonalTrash by Doris
Flower - Birthday kit by StudioGirls (Sausan)
Arrow - Birthday kit by StudioGirls (Carrie)

Everything from SBG

Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Shine from within

Finally Catharina got a haircut and I think she look cute but I guess she's missing her very long, long hair.

Paper - TrueLove by Doris from DST
Ribbons - TrueLove by Doris from DST
Pink leaves - TrueLove by Doris from DST
Cardboard - Personal Trash by Doris
Frame - Make me eclectic by Jessica
Stitches - Lipstick Chic by Taran
Feltflower - Golden moments by Sara
Flowerscroll - Golden moments by Sara
Pink flower - my own
Wordart - In the rough by Sara
Scribbled Vine - Delight in photo by Jessica
Button - Sweet Delights by Doris

True Love from the members kit at DST everything else from SBG

Saturday, February 24, 2007

Beach 1997

Bree's templates are the best and I can't get over how unique they're:-) Thanks Bree.
These photo are taken at the beach in town where it's perfect for small children to be. The house you can on the photo below is used all year for people who want to take swim even in December:-) Have you seen the gorgeous textures in Traci's paper? Awesome kit.

Papers - Fly away with me by Traci
Flowers - Fly away with me by Traci
Photoframes - Fly away with me by Traci
Birds, cardboard, staple - Fly away with me by Traci
Alpha, numbers - Sing Spring by Sausan
Button - Make me eclectic by Jessica
Wordartframe - Doodleframes by Sara
Lace - Groupies IV by Doris

Everything available at SBG

Friday, February 23, 2007

Scraplifting Doris Castle

Jump over to SBG and scraplift one of Doris layout and you'll get a wonderful bonus from her:-)

Tons of gorgeous layouts to pick but I scraplifted this one Say Cheese

I've used lots of elements so here goes:-)

Background - Formally Your Flexipages by Doris
White frame - Make me eclectic by Jessica
Ornamental - Ornamental No 1 by Sausan
Cardboard - Trash to Treasures by Debbie
Tie - So Serious Elements by Meredith
Wordart 1 - Quirkyquotes Existence by Maya
Pink paper tear - Spunkalicious by Carrie
Stitched ribbon - Spunk-it-up by Carrie
Curly ribbon - Spunk-it-up by Carrie
Heart - A little nostalgic by Sausan
Metal ribbon - A little nostalgic by Sausan
Wordart 2 - Unmistakable by Carrie
Butterfly sprinkles - Unmistakable by Carrie
Brown frame - DDC Garden by Meredith
Grunge stamp - Not quite men by Jessica
Sandpaper - Dumpster diving by Maya
Everything available at SBG

Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Picture Perfect

Bree offer a free template at the forum at SBG, isn't a wonderful creative template? There's a new one up.

Template - Bree
Hearts - Hearttorn by Jessica
Papers - Not quite men by Jessica
Paper - Altered artistry raw by Sausan
Button - Make me eclectic by Jessica
Frame - Sweet cakes by Jessica
Grunge stamp - Not quite men by Jessica
Wordart - Picture by Carrie
Flower - Make me eclectic by Jessica
Cardboard - Floralia by Sausan
Everything available at SBG

Monday, February 19, 2007

Mr Darcy

Come over to SBG and enter a layout in the challenge My dear Mr Darcy:-)
I found this great photo of Colin Firth as Mr Darcy in Pride and Prejudice by Jane Austen. The bookcover is from
Background paper - Promise to write by Maya
Pen, beloved card and blank letter - Promise to write by Maya
Frame and texture - Old World by Maya
Rose - Original Diva by Doris
Ribbon - Gathering Heart by Doris
Emphera card - Passionate past sheet by Maya
Pink flowers - Alteredartistry pressedflowers 1 and 5 by Sausan
Ornament - Ornamental No 3
WordArt - Window of Time by Doris
Everything above available at SBG.
Font - Jane Austen by Pia Frauss
I love the book and think it's her best and the love story is just so lovely that a love story can be.

Saturday, February 17, 2007

The two youngest

There's 15 years between my two youngest and my son was delighted when he shouldn't be the youngest anymore:-)

Paper and elements - Delight in Photographs, Part 2 by Jessica
Frame - Alteredartistry elements by Sausan
Ornament - Ornamental No 1 by Sausan
Cardboard - Trash to Treasures by Debbie
Flower - Floral Stamps 1 by Carrie
Everything available at SBG

Friday, February 16, 2007


My first child in 1974. I was only 17 when I gave birth to Carola so it was really huge to care for this darling little girl but she turned out just fine along with her siblings:-)

GatheringHeart - Paper and element By Doris
ScrapDrawers Dictionary By Doris
Frame - Groupies By Doris
Tag and key - GroupiesII By Doris
Cardboard - PersonalTrash By Doris
Everything available at SBG

Thursday, February 15, 2007

Dreaming of Spring

Couldn't resist these lovely blue colors in Sylvie's new Sing Spring collection. Awesome kit with tons of elements, just perfect:-) Can you tell I like it LOL

Sausan - Sing Spring kit
Sausan Frame - Little miss green
Sausan WordArt camera - Dslr challenge
WordArt Dream - Maya's Scribbles
Everything from SBG, they're truly the best girls in town:-)

Saturday, February 10, 2007

Carola's Secret Pleasure

When she was a couple of years old she loved ginger cookies so much that I needed to hide them but she found them LOL

Background - Lipstic Chic By Taran
Half frame - Ornamental No 3 By Sausan
Heart - Valentino Valentina By Sausan
Flowers - Knittybitties By Mays
Sweet wordart - Scribblers By Maya
Wordart - Reminisce By Traci
Flowers 2 - Amelie By Sara
Stamp - Wonderful Creation By Carrie
Arrow - Unmistakable By Carrie
Everything available at SBG

Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Want to play?

Do you want these templates? Then head over to SBG and make an animal layout an upload it to the gallery at SBG.
This's my oldest cat Mimmi and I've used stuff from Maya, Jessica, Sausan and Doris at SBG.
Look at those cute flowers ny Maya!

Monday, January 01, 2007

My Girl!

I hope you all survived Christmas and the celebration of the New Year! The best way to start the new year is of course with a layout of the Princess in my life:-) She'll turn 12 on Thursday! Where do time flies?

Paper, frame, journalingpaper - JoDe at Alteredscrapping from House Coming and Autumn Cascade
Little flower - Sausan's Pressed Flower 4 at SBG
Big Flower - Debbie's Fabulos Fall at SBG
Lace 1, rubon - Tracis's Wisteria Lane at SBG
Lace 2 - Traci's Be Free at SBG
Twill - freebie by Katie Pertiet at DesignerDigitals
Ornament - Sausan's Ornamental No1 at SBG
Pen - Maya's Promise to write at SBG