Sunday, December 10, 2006

My kids

I took this photo when my oldest daughter visited last time and I'm not spoiled with photos of all my kids in the same spot:-)

Paper Marrakech by Sausan
Book Ilbarocco by Sausan
Frame Ornamental No 4 by Sausan
Big heart Regiftable by Jessica
Flower FabulousFall-FlowerCluster2 by Debbie
Little Heart My hearts deligt by Doris
Burlap Cornfed by Jessica
Cardboard Floralia by Sausan
Wordart Quirkyquote gratitude by Maya
Swirl Secret Garden by Maya
Wordart 2 Regiftable by Jessica

Everything from SBG

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c_rose68 said...

what a great eclectic page! Hey, I tagged you on my blog. Want to play along and let us see how you celebrate Christmas in Sweden? Questions are here: