Saturday, October 28, 2006

Another week, another templates and Imagine!

Somehow the weeks are going so fast this time every year. The storms have started here in Sweden and suddenly it's dark and starting to get cold brrrr. Some good news is that we've rentet a little house and will be moving in the end of January but of course that means a lot of cleaning and that's not one of those thing I love:-) I've a new set of templates.
Have you seen the new challenge at SBG? It's not that easy to make a layout without any photos. This is my attemp. It's all about those thing we can't be without in life, like love, books, art, dreamimg... I've used Maya's Quirky quotes imagination and the sign is from her kit Lover's Lane, paper from Sausan and her arrow too, you can get everything at SBG all the rest is my own stuff. I must tell you how much I love SBG and what those girls have done for my creativity, they finally made me going out of my box and to make layouts that is coming from the inside and not just how they look but with feeling. Not that everyone like the layoust but to me they're very special.


Just Me said...

I think that what you've done is awesome. The templates look great, perfect for the winter weather ahead. And as far as the LO... who cares if no one else likes it? If it's special to you that is all that matters.

MiKiko said...

Is a vey nice LO!!